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Wilderness Families Series...

I love being immersed in nature as I hike, kayak, and sail my way through the seasons.


I cherish the creatures that live there. They inspire me. With their splendor and their deep knit family ways; their indestructible bonds, fierce loyalty, and when necessary, their self-sacrifice. There’s so much we can learn from them. And I sense that Mother Nature is there, omnipotent, looking over them providing them with food and shelter and the spirit to thrive.

Where did you
find that?

Oystercatcher family...

Oystercatchers no frame.png

BI: W25" X H15"  equals 375 Sq. "


Orca family...

Wilderness Family Orcas.png

BI: W25" X H15"  equals 375 Sq. "

Puffin Power!

Puffin family...

Wilderness Family Puffins.png

BI: W16" X H20"  equals 320Sq. "


Muskox family...


BI: W25" X H15"  equals 375 Sq. "

Who is trespassing who?

Forest's Edge!

Hidden Jays...

Wilderness Family Jay.png

BI: W16" X H24"  equals 384 Sq. "

Wolf family...

Willderness Family Wolves.png

BI: W28" X H20"  equals 560 Sq. "

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