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Sculpting Heads in Stone!

Magazine center fold.png

This group shot was taken for a centerfold in a Montreal Art Magazine in 1978, Hence the telltale white space in the middle. Diane is in the back, and moving left to right are Painted, Simplicity, and then Michele.

The ensemble displays the rich texture of the jade-quality Canadian Serpentine I used for most of my sculpture work. It's a marvelous medium which can be sculpted with mallet and steel chisels, yet doesn't scratch once polished.

Sometimes, you’re called on to use space in the place of the stone you don’t have. Michele does that.     She is so elegant!


She is one of my earliest portraits. Michele was sold by the Gallery Colbert, in Montreal, in the 70’s.


An artist rarely knows who purchased his works. However, in the early 2000’s I got a call from the owner’s son, who had tracked me down via my website. While a child, he had knocked

Michele over and chipped her chin ever so slightly. He wanted to know if I could restore her; as he had promised his father, so many years before.


It was a joy for me to have her back in my life after so long.      I restored her elegance!



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