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Allegoric Series...

Tag 186, The Hilcrest Mine Disaster

Allegoric art works seek to tell a story. At times the meaning can be hidden, at others times the message can be visible and either blatantly obvious or rather subtle.


The commissioned piece I created for the commemorative anniversary of the Hilcrest Mine Disaster is all of that. The pairing of a younger, less experienced and an older experienced miner, is one such subtlety.

Stag transparent.png


If you can't see it, it doesn't exist!


First he tricked her for her pearls, then he stole her away!

BI: W20" X H16"  equals 320 Sq. "

BI: W16" X H24"  equals 384 Sq. "


Waiting for You!.png


The picket fences will not be enough...

Alu Tornado.png

BI: W20" X H16"  equals 320 Sq. "

BI: W20" X H16"  equals 320 Sq. "

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