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Creating a Canada Wild Series!

I enjoyed every moment of crating Majestic. And guiding the Patina session with MÉLANIE ARCAND at the foundry in Inverness was so exciting. We collaborated on creating the elusive white-coat of the Dall's; Ram.

Majestic Patina 1.jpg
a Majestic 2.png

An admirer of the natural world and the animals in it I decided to develop a series of Canadian Wildlife portraits. 


Majestic: This magnificent animal, indigenous to northern Alberta, Canada, is a Dall Sheep. I imagined it leaping to the next ledge.


It was a challenge to capture the ram’s power and majesty. The startling contrast of the chamois horns, silver-white body coat and black muzzle, eyes, and hoofs, are so uniquely Dall. The larger indentations in its trophy sized horn curls count out the number of years it has survived in the wilderness. Majestic is at his prime―in his eighth year on the mountain.


I created Majestic to be enlarged for public placement as well as individual pieces. I expect to produce other Canadian Wildlife pieces in the future.


Majestic is a limited edition of 25 bronze; 5 have been sold. 12 inches tall, on a ¼ inch, patinated bronze plate.

Leap of Faith!

A Majestic.png
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