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Bronze busts!

I note, now  that I have done a few bronze, that I subconsciously moved from "heads-in-stone" to "busts-in- bronze" when I move to bronze.

Breeze is cast as two separate pieces; one for the vest and the other for the figure.

I love her bold flowing lines. They reveal a strong yet serene presence. Her hair and jacket are caressed to the side as she lifts her face, eyes closed, into a summer breeze.


When I created this bust, I aspired to develop a modest nude, one that could be displayed in any setting. However, today our female celebrities don’t need the help of an inadvertent breeze to offer a similarly provocative pose.


 Breeze is a limited edition of  8 bronze; 3 have been sold.



Breeze Collage Large.jpg

Porsche #9: I was developing a new portrait simply called baseball-cap-girl, when an art patron, who had previously purchased a couple of my stone sculptures, visited my studio.


A long time Porsche owner and racing fan, he said he would like to buy it, and asked if I would put the name Porsche on the cap along with his lucky number; # 9. 


So, in an instant, baseball-cap-girl, became Porsche #9 ―a private commission.


I expect we will see Baseball-Cap girl again soon in an entirely different sports iteration..



Bronze Pick site 1.png
Large shot Porshe.png
Porche Collage.png
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