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Shape...I start by shaping a patch of color.

When I create Digital Fine Art  on alumiun panels I shape hundreds of individually, vector-sculpted patches of color, and add them one after the other; layer by layer in my computer. Only once all the color patches are in place does the concept I imagined  emerge. I sculpt patches of color. There’s no magic; just imagination, an absolute passion for art, and oodles of devoted time.

I’m able to be the most imaginative in my Digital work. I’m not constrained by the size or the texture of the stone or the underlying armature embedded in the clay. However, finding the right expression, to convey my message, is just as elusive.


After many, many hours I turn my finished digital file over to the printing house, and with knowledge and care they infuse the prints onto aluminum.

Limited Ediition(10), Ready-To-Hang, Dye Sublimation onto Aluminum

 Each work is sold and shipped with a sleek ultramodern unframed look, whereby the piece has a ready-to-hang mechanism, out-of-sight, in the back. This reduces shipping costs and allows the buyer ultimate flexibility; to hang the work directly, or to purchase thier choice or "float frame" or museum shadow box.

"Brushed", or "Full Color" Aluminum Base Panel 

I used either a Full Color Aluminum Panel which produces vibrant colors edge-to-edge and can be styled as glossy, semi-gloss or matt or the Brushed Aluminum panel which allows the aluminum texture to show through to various degrees. 

Wilderness Family Series

Wilderness Family Orcas.png

Wild Portrait Series

Wild Bison.png

Portrait Series

Portraits Force 10.png

Styleway Series

Styleway Original.png

Allegoric Series

Stag transparent.png

Nova Series

Alu Blue Rocks.png

Horizon Multi-panel Series

Horizon Wheat.png
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