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Nova Series...

Alu Blue Rocks.png

I lived in Lunenburg for three years. What a visually inspiring place. And, I often paddled off the adjacent town of Blue Rocks. It's the where that inspired me to started my DFA work.


Nova Scotia, beside the Blue Nose sailing ship, is famous for its Cape Islander lobster boat. I love boats and especially Cape Islanders. And, as you can see by my work,  I was also impressed with the traditionally lines of the Lunenburg Dory.

Blue Rocks!

BI: W24 X H20"  equals 480Sq. "

The Dory Shop!

Alu Dory shop.png

BI: W24 X H20"  equals 480 Sq. "

On the leash!

Alu Dory on hitch.png

BI: W20" X H16"  equals 320 Sq. "

Early at Crescent Beach!

Sun fun alu.png

BI: W24 X H20"  equals 480 Sq. "

Storm's a com'in!

Alu Nova Cape Islander.png

BI: W20" X H20"  equals 400 Sq. "

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