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Build...I start with a bit of clay.

Making the transition from sculpting in stone to building a clay model, the prerequisite for bronze, became necessary in 2000. I no longer had a home studio. Flying chips of stone and the accompanying noise and dust weren’t compatible with condo living.



Be kind to her and she will be kind to you!

When I create a bronze portrait I commit to a concept in my mind before I start. I solidify the concept when I build the internal wire/mesh armature that will support the weight of the clay. Once the armature is in place, I build up my piece with bits of clay; layer by layer. Once all the bits of clay are in place, I smooth out the rough edges with my hands and sculpting tools, adding and removing clay, here and there, until what I’m trying to say speaks on its own.


And after many, many hours I turn the finished clay model over to the foundry, and with expertise and care they cast the bronze.


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