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A collaborative challenge!

Commission work hearkens back to earlier times when artists provided a useful documentary service, albeit in an artful and highly professional manner, and used materials that withstood the test of time. I am pleased to receive recognition for my work in both clay-to-bronze and DFA, winning two separate commissions; one in each discipline. I hope to do more commission work in the future.

Hillcrest Mine Disaster.png

I like to develop a strong concept at the outset of my commissions and share that concept with those who have commissioned the project. The concept guides me without limiting my creativity and it puts everyone on the same page; which is essential to a successful project outcome.

My realist, portrait style is conducive to commissions. Further, I thrive in the collaborative atmosphere, working closely with the sponsor or commission committee. There's always some hurdle to overcome and a real need for in-depth research of the subject.

2013, Juried Commission Competition

Tag189: Commissioned for the 100th memorial year of the Hillcrest Mine Disaster.

2014, Juried Commission Competition

Robert Hayes Bust: Robert was a leading contributor to the growth and prestige of St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Hayes Presentation.png
Robert Hayes.png
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