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A new foray into relief sculpture!

One of the aspirational benefits of moving back to Quebec and especially to Quebec City is the wealth of relief sculpture on public display. Even though the works are mostly religious, and sculpted in classic style, they give me an up-close and personal chance to study composition, balance, and harmony. I can even get close enough to run my hands over their contours. I love the allegoric spirit of the works.

Relief 4.png

My relief artwork will be more contemporary in theme and style of course; with liberal use of vibrant patina color.  And, I expect, considerably less reverent.


I look at this new challenge as one of marrying  my sculpture in- the-round, sculpture I have done in both stone and bronze, with the allegoric, color-sculpted work I have done in DFA.

I will be using a substantial H style easel, one that can be configured  to work either vertical or horizontal. I will use wood panels with an aluminum mesh overlays as armatures; to hold the clay iin place as I work. 

I already have a number of relief concepts I want to pursue. I will start by sizing and fashioning the armatures required. I find it stimulating to work on more than one piece at a time.

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