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When you purchase a piece of my artwork you are purchasing a quality product that will last more than a life time. I work in lasting materials; stone, bronze, gemstone and aluminum. I am assisted with an exceptional team of artisans with expertise in molding, casting, and patina, stone cutting, and high definition dye sublimation on aluminum. I am involved in every aspect of production and proofing. Currently I sell my tightly-controlled, limited-edition artwork directly, however, I am reassessing working with brick-and-motar galleries; those which also have strong online presence. I have promoted my work via Artists in Canada for many years.

My work has expanded over the years to include a number of subjects, series, and mediums. My overall portfolio continues to expand, year on year. Subsequently my art is top quality, diverse, affordable, and widely distributed. That is what makes it collectable

You can access specific information on each of my art categories below.

Acquiring art is a conversation!

I realize that purchasing art is challenging and that availing yourself of important information and answering your questions is critical.


When you go to a brick-and-morter gallery you talk with an advisor there. In my case, you start an email conversation directly with me. I am more than pleased to answer your questions and guide you through the process of obtaining the piece that is right for you. So, if you see something you like on my site. please send me a brief note via the contacts page get the conversation started.

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