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My Gallery experience!

I held my first stone sculpture exhibit at the exclusive Colbert Gallery on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal in 1977. Post the exposition I became one of their gallery artists exhibiting my jade-quality serpentine sculpture on a permanent basis through to 1983.

Collbert Gallerie.png

A four-page photo spread in Chimo magazine was published in 1978.

Chimo Magazine.png
Gold Design Fine Art.png

I expanded my gallery coverage to include the Gold Design Fine Arts gallery of Calgary in the 80’s.However, the 80’s and 90’s proved to be exceedingly difficult times for the art community and many galleries shuttered. Neither Gallery Colbert nor Gold Design Fine Arts survived.


I worked with two or three other Montreal galleries in the 90’s, however art and especially sculpture were in low demand during that period. I lost interest in working with galleries and began selling directly to those interested in my work.

Currently, I sell my work directly from my studio  or via on-line Galleries. I have been a member of  Artists in Canada for many years.

Artis in Canada.png
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