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Cut...I start with an irregular shaped piece of stone.

I turn the raw piece in my hands; until I sense a path forward. I level the base, so the stone sits upright; on my intuition. I walk around it and study it from close and far; back, sides, and front. And then I cut. Deep, strong, and aggressive at the outset, and then progressively more precise. I see clearer the deeper I go. And then softer rhythmic, continuous taps as the chisel barely advances. And finally, putting the mallet aside, I force the sharp edge along the surface. I can sense when I get too close.


The natural contours and color of the Serpentine stone weight heavily in my work. It’s not that I left Sandra’s hair raw for style. Rather, I liked it just as it was. And, I loved the contrast.



Sandra seems to be taking in a full breath. I discovered her like that, as she emerged from the stone. She was always there…and now she could see. 

Full Figure

Full Figure.png



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