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Wax on Wax off!

Creating bronze works is a costly and time conuming process. First, a rubber mold must be created from my clay sculpture. Then a new wax positive, that faithfully replicates my clay sculpture, is created. That wax positive, like the yet-to-be-corrected wax positive for my latest work, Feu, here to the right, will be consumed(replaced by bronze) in the lost-wax process the foundry uses to make my bronze.

Feu is a two piece portrait. You can see the fire serpent knecklace still has the sprues used to deliver the wax into the mould. Together the mold making and correcting the wax positive take about six weeks of the overall 12 week lost-wax bronze casting process.

Usually the foundy sees to correcting the wax, however I have taken to doing the wax corretion myself. This allows me to keep atleast one corrected wax postitive on hand for all of my bronze pieces. Instead of waiting 12 weeks for one of my pieces my patrons only have a six week wait until the piece can be enjoyed in thier study or living room.


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