Edition Limit:

25 printed images.  Once the 25 images have been printed my original digital file of that piece is destroyed. The print number, date, and tracking code are etched into the the back of the aluminum panel.  A printed sticker with the title, the concept of the piece, and a brief profile of yours truly is also attached to the back.


All of my Digital Fine Art is high-definition, dye sublimation on Aluminum.  Finish can be Gloss, Semi-Gloss, or Matt.

Lead Time:

Works are printed on demand and with current labor and material shortages popping up when least expected, allow three(3) weeks from order to delivery.


No Frame:

Pricing is a factor of the total number of square inches, width X heigth, of the printed image, which is noted at the bottom of each of the DFA piece on the site.  For example, a landscape piece with a base image of 20" wide times a 16" height, equals 320 square inches.  


Price for the finised artwork on the aluminium panel, without any type of frame or framing mechanish, is $0.90 per square inch. A 320 square inch art work would be $288.00.


Because of the robustness of the medium (aluminum panels) I am able to ship my work nationally and internationally without frames and therefore at the most advantages cost for my customers. Local framers are totally capable of framing the alumium panel. For that matter, even an able buyer can can easily attach a flush or indented, spray painted, wooden frame to the back of the aluminum panel using double sided tape like Gorilla tape.  And then screw on a hanging claw. For a more traditional looking product, they can then insert that unit into a museum "float" frame the same way a streached canvas painting is inserted into a museum "float" frame.



All images can be scaled upwardly from the base image. The upward scalability is a function of the width of the base image. To make salability a bit easler I will be listing three different sizes, small, medium, and large, at the bottom of each of the works on the site.

Scale 2.png


Once I know the size of the piece and where I need to send it, I can give you the exact shipping costs, Which are charged as extra. Applicable government taxes are extra.