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Edition Limit:



Each of my Bronze pieces is a limited edition. I work primarily with the classic eight(8) pieces sold to patrons, numbered 1 through 8 and four(4) artist pieces, numbered l, ll, lll, and lV.

I have a Patron, First-Casting, program where by the first casting is offered at cost + 10%. This allows me to complete the casting and patina work as soon as the piece is finished, as well as photography for marketing purposes. And, provides the Patron with  a valuable piece of art at minimum cost. For example, Linda and Derek Dempster, of Vancouver British Columbia, were gracious enough to be the First-Casting Patrons for Breeze.

My foundry,  located in Inverness, Quebec, employs the lost wax process. They are true artisans in casting and patina, and have been doing my bronze since 2003,


Lead Time:

My work is cast on-demand, and requires a lead time of 10 to 12 weeks. I try to keep one(1) casting of each piece in stock, to show prospective patrons.


The following tables will give you current information on availability and  pricing. An exact price is quoted at the time of purchase. 

Brezze Price.png

-One in stock

- black granite base

Breeze Collage Large.jpg
Majestic Price.png
A Majestic.png

-One in stock

- 1/4" bronze plaque

Feu Price.png

In First Casting Program

In Process with casting completed

The following pieces are either one-off commissions or currrently unavailable.

Brozne prices.png
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