Squarek Collector Advantage: -15%

Art purchasers who have previously purchased at least one of my; Stone, Bronze, or DFA pieces, or are purchasing more than one work simultaneously, if they are a first time purchasers, will be awarded Collector Status, which will entitle them to a 15% discount on their new purchases.

Period Promotions: -10%

(singular purchases by first time buyers)

Current period:

November 16th to December 15th

Spiral Series: Poinsettia

Base Image: W20" X H20"  equals 400 Sq."

Framed Poinsettia.png

Next period:

December16th to January 15th

Wild Families Series: Trespass!

Silver wolves.png

BI: W28" X H20"  equals 560 Sq. "

BI: W28" X H20"  equals 560 Sq. "