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Proofing my DFA on Aluminum

I have advanced with producing my work on Aluminum. I did some initial proofing when I lived in Victoria. Although I was excited about the outcome I felt that I needed to perfect my work further to take full advantage of this medium. After four more years of effort, I feel my work is there. Subsequently I identified two production houses I felt best fit my objectives and have reinstated my proofing program. I have been blown away by the quality of work by both houses. I have a way to go to get my photography sorted out; as you can see with the Orcas bellow. The real thing is so much more impressive. I had a wine and cheese for six friends from British Columbia just after I received the proofs. They were extremely positive in their comments and buying intentions.

Full scale proofing is a bit expensive since I will not be selling these proofs. However I now have live product at hand to show prospective patrons. Further I have been able to see and feel the framing options and rectify any imperfections in these works with regards to color or image. Here are the other four other pieces I have proofed to date. Future proofs will be on the a smaller scale.


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