Look Mom, no frame!

Selling and shipping my Digital Fine Art, either to the gallery or to individuals is simplified by the fact that the process is Dye Sublimation on Aluminum Panels. The panels are extremely robust and can be shipped without frames which reduces shipping costs significantly. The panels are protected with carboard and buddle wrap of course. It also alows the buyer total flexibility in choosing a frame type and color.

Once the panels are recieved by the Gallery or by individual collectors, either of two courses of action are usually take to hange the pieces.

1. A hidden hanging mechanism is attached to the back of the panel to give the art work a modern "no frame" look, or,

2. A Museum "Float" Frame is used to give the art work a more traditional look.

Local framers in most markets are very familiar with these two options.


For thoses of you that are able to handle some simple carpenty, creating a hanging mechanism for an alumium panel might be a fun project. Simple build a flush or slightly indented, four-sided cradle, with 1 and 1/2 by 1/2 inch peices of wood, spray paint the outer edge matt black, and screw on a hanging claw. Apply double sided adhesive tape to the inner side of the frame (Gorilla tape will handle up to a 15 pound panel) and with the panel laying flat with the back side up, center the cradel down on the back. Make sure you place a soft cloth under the image side. Allow the recomended time for the adhesive to cure, and Voila!

Should you decide later on that you would like to enhance the piece with a Museum "Float" Frame, you would simple remove the hanging claw and slip the full Ready-to-hang module into the Museum frame and pin it securely in place.