As I walk or paddle along the Canadian Maritime coast, as I have done for many years, armed with my homemade back-saver scoop, I always scan ahead, both on the beach and in the water, for interesting beach stones. And, if I'm lucky, stones translucent enough they glow at the edges when held up against a rising or setting sun.

I follow a no-trace approach. I never disturb the beach in anyway. I let the wind and waves do my heavy lifting. I keep below the high-water mark of public beaches and religiously carry out what I carry in. By the next day even my footprints have been washed away. 

I have spent the last few years categorizing my collection, as well as learning how to efficiently cut, shape, and polish microcrystalline quartz. I am happy with the cutting and shaping, however, I still have a way to go in getting the polish to my liking.



Discover...I start with a walk on the beach