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Edition Limit:

12 printed images.  Once the 12 images have been sold my original digital file of that piece is destroyed. A printed sticker with the title, the concept of the piece, and a brief profile of yours truly is also attached to the back.


All of my Digital Fine Art is high-definition, dye sublimation on Aluminum. I offer two type of aluminum panels; the brushed panel and the full color panel. Finish can be Gloss, Semi-Gloss, or Matt.

Lead Time:

Works are printed on demand and with current labor and material shortages popping up when least expected, allow three(3) weeks from order to delivery.


No frame look:

My work is affordable. I partner with Pictorem who produce, package and ship my digital art work. My gallery on their site shows the full range of sizes and prices for each piece. If there is a piece on my site that is not yet posted on Pictorem let me know and I will post it.


My work is priced "ready-to-hang" with a modern "invisible frame" look. The piece is shipped with a simple mechansm installed in the back, like the one showen in the photo to the right.

Back float mount.jpg

Museum "float frame":

The purchaser can opt for a museum "shadow box" frame at an additional cost.

Orca Proof.jpg


All images can be scaled upwardly from the base image. Picorem lists a full range of sizes and prices.


Once Pictorem knows the size of the piece and where it need to be sent they can give you the exact shipping costs, Which are charged as extra. Applicable government taxes are extra.

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